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Setting up as an employer in the UK

As an employer, you need to consider different information, rights, and documents before you start employing staff. This article will explain how you can set up your company as an employer in 5 simple steps.

Welcome to Zelt 

All-in-one people platform

This is your dedicated onboarding page to help you get started with Zelt. Browse resources, demonstration videos and help articles here. 

Your onboarding team


Head of Product


Head of CX


Dedicated Engineer

Start setting up your account in Zelt by reviewing and configuring Company Settings. You can always refer back to this place to manage everything to do with your company account. 

Company settings

Guides and resources

Your account in Zelt 

Quickly plug in existing information to Zelt via Import Wizard. Starting with People and Absences. Bear in mind - Zelt can also ingest your company's data via an API. 

Importing information with Import Wizard


Manage employee profiles from a single unified system. See all employee data in one place, edit, keep track and build reports.

Employee Database

Get more out of your workplace tools by integrating them with Zelt. Send Slack notifications and reminders or push successful hires right into automated onboarding. 

Create custom absence policies and track time and attendance from the app. Set up custom approval and reminder rules in Zelt. 


Profile overview

Documents overview



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